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Cord Cutting Experts

So ,What exactly is Cord Cutting?

Well in a nut shell it’s a way to save money on your Cable TV Bill and regain control over the content you consume.

The though of Cord Cutting can be a little scary at first. Here at  Actiongeeks we want to help you navigate the process so you can cancel your cable TV and legally stream content online, so you pay less and still get all your shows.

Now are you ready to say Good-Bye to high Cable and TV services?

Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Figuring out the best way to cut the cord isn’t always easy, with dozens of streaming video services to choose from. Even if you’ve already done the deed, making sense of what you have can be tricky as well, with each app offering its own labyrinthine menus and features. We can help you find exactly the kind of services and devices you need! 


# What’s need to cut the cord? Price Details
1 Streaming Services , Websites and Software $6.99 – $15.99 There are lots of options when it comes to how and where to get your TV entertainment from and the number  TV streaming services, websites and apps is steadily growing. Right now you can pick from Sling TVHuluYouTube TVfuboTVPhiloPlayStation Vue, Amazon prime, Netflix DIRECTV NOW , IPTV and Android Apps just to name a few
2 Deciding what device(s) to use $30-$200 Once you decide on the type of content you watch most and what service(s0 you will be using the next step is to decide what device(s) will work best for you.  Some options are: the Roku streaming player. Sony pS,  Fire Stick \ TV and Android boxes. we recommend Android TV boxes for Flexibility and ease of use.
3 HD OTA Digital Antenna(s) $25-$100 having and using a digital antenna is a major part of being a cord cutter, and most cable tv subscribers can easily pick up 30+ channels in there area that will include the major TV networks allowing you to get many of the most popular TV shows 100% free and in HD. it’s also a great way to watch your favorite sports live without paying for anything else. You can go to Antenna Web and type your address into the channel finder to see which channels are available in your area.
4 Internet Service $45-$150 Even though you will be canceling your TV service you will still need Internet to watch any shows and programming you don’t get through using your Digital Antenna hop around for your internet service provider to get the best deal possible you may have to go into a 1 year or more contract

Figuring out the best way to cut the cord isn’t always easy.

We can help you find exactly the kind of services and devices you need!